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362 days from now ...

postmarathon07 My second marathon will be where I did my first. In an odd twist of events this weekend, I signed up for the 2010 Richmond Marathon. Not running in anything yesterday motivated me to sign up.

I've been thinking about my second marathon since I did my first one two years ago. But injuries, a baby and an overall lack of motivation have prevented me from signing up for another one.

But it's time ... or at least a year from now it will be time. I'm not in a good situation right now to train for one this spring, but I really think next summer will bring some great things. This winter and spring will be all about building a base ... and when it's time to start training I'll be in a good place to focus on the marathon.

If you've never read my blog post about my first marathon, click here or on my photo to check it out. Two years later, it's still my favorite post since I started blogging. I like to read it occasionally and take a few minutes to be selfish knowing that I completed 26.2 miles. I can't wait to do it again.