* After such an awesome April, May has very much started ho-hum. Not that I didn't need it -- the first four months of the year were so good that I didn't have a chance to slow down. And my blogging has slowed too. There's nothing wrong going on -- I'm just easing back on the gas pedal for a short time. * Ten years ago yesterday I graduated from Lynchburg College. I actually had a good post typed up yesterday about where I've been since that time and how I want to surprise people at my 10-year reunion at Homecoming in October, but my computer literally ate what I typed. Disappeared. Gone. Maybe by October I'll get around to putting those thoughts together again.

* When a run goes bad, get out and run the next day. On Wednesday, I had a horrible run. It just felt bad; it was hot; I felt slow; my breathing felt totally off; I felt like I had taken a shower with my clothes on. Then on Thursday, I had a great run. Take the bad things that happened the night before and reverse them. A key to bad runs is to bounce back like that and forget about them. Consider it forgotten.

* I really, really, really need to get my nutrition in check. This whole losing 5 pounds in May thing isn't going anywhere. The scale says what it did two weeks ago, and I have no one to blame but myself. After a bad dinner tonight, I'm mad at myself. And, usually, if I get mad at myself, I can turn it around. It's worked with running this year. Now I just have to get the other half of the puzzle done.