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5 reasons I love Shamrock

2010 Shamrock Half Marathon

There's no question that I love Shamrock weekend in Virginia Beach. With this weekend being my fifth Shamrock Half Marathon, I thought I'd share some thoughts on why this race is so awesome. All my other pre-race thoughts are jumbled up in my head, and might not ever make it out.

  • I have some great memories of Virginia Beach, both from growing up and through 4 races, so each weekend has potential to add to that memory bank.
  • Free Yuengling.
  • The course has a relatively non-crowded, mostly organized corral start and includes a nice mix of local fans, great water stops, a cool sunrise over the ocean, and a finish on the Boardwalk.
  • The schwag – a moisture-wicking shirt that actually fits, a medal that now doubles as a bottle opener, a finisher’s hat, and (this year) a finisher's sweatshirt.
  • It's flat. Look, I love hills and enjoy my mountain views on every run, but I also love how those hills translate to a faster time on a flat course. It makes setting a goal of 1:39:59 not seem quite as scary.