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50, uh, 49 ... well, really 48 days to go

I usually play close attention to the countdown on my blog page, as well as on my myspace page, AND my iGoogle page. I don't know what happened this week, but I missed the big "50 days to go" moment. Feels like only yesterday I was writing about 100 days to go and 80 days to go. I need to write a song called "Feels like only yesterday" since I write that statement so much. Anyway, as I look at the countdown this morning, I realize that my widget is an hour off and there is 48 days and 23-plus hours to go until the 26.2.

I've read many blogs and comments from others doing the Richmond Marathon as well who talk about "freaking out" or getting nervous or not feeling ready. Right now, that's not me. Why freak out about it? I knew what I was getting myself into. I'm not jumping from being a non-runner to doing a marathon. I'm not going from just 5Ks to the marathon. When I started running three-plus years ago, a marathon wasn't on my mind at all. For the longest time, 4 miles seemed like plenty enough. It took me to run my second half marathon in March to know I was ready to do 26.2. We're all different, and building up to this big event by doing a lot of different race distances for a few years is just my way of going about it. I don't doubt I'll be nervous the day before, but if I'm nervous now, it does me no good. As far as being ready, I still have seven weeks to prepare.

And as I finish this post, my widget has been fixed (even though I had to set it to be an hour off) and all seems right with the world.