living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


* Yesterday I was planning to meet a group to run in the mountains, but the night before I really wasn't feel great so I backed out. I thought I'd get as much rest as I could since I was coming off a week of not feeling great. Plus they were leaving for the mountains at 4:45 a.m. But I woke up at 4:30 and laid in the bed for a few minutes ... I wasn't going back to sleep. I really wanted to go on this adventure. So I called my friend and everyone was running a bit behind and end up getting in 7.5 miles on the Appalachian Trail and beat the crazy heat later in the day.

* The Richmond Marathon seems so far away and I see a lot of people already training for it. For me, I'm still in maintenance mode and want to continue to build my base. I plan to have a few more 10-mile long runs and keeping my weekly mileage in the low 20s for a few more weeks before I "officially" begin training in July. Mentally I already am training ... and the mental part of it is what is keeping my mileage up. I'm looking forward to seeing where my mileage goes for marathon No. 2.

* I really to avoid becoming a member of the complaining-about-the-weather club. It's summer; I live in Virginia; it's supposed to be hot and humid. I adapted well this past winter to get through a much colder-than-usual and snowier-than-usual winter around here, so this summer I'm going to have to do whatever it takes to battle the elements. My plan is to start running in the morning again for most of my runs. A friend and I plan to continue somewhat long runs on Wednesday evenings, which I think will help me be ready for any type of weather. It's just kind of weird that the bulk of my marathon training will come in the heat, and the marathon will be in peak fall conditions.

* As you can tell, I have the marathon on my mind. Three years ago I wasn't as nearly in shape as I am now before training begins, so I'm excited about it. So I'm going to be very unapologetic about talking about it so much over the next five months.