living in the now

Still rambling about running. Sometimes other things.


* Remember my Q&A with Half of Jess a couple of weeks ago? She returned the favor today and did a Q&A with me. You can visit her site here to check it out. I'm happy that I can be an inspiration to others, but so often I feel like I have so much work to do. I guess with people watching what moves I make, I am being held accountable. I'll have another Q&A on this site soon. * My attempt at eating better is working. Last week I was at 187, down 10.2 for the year. The scale was stuck for a while, but intentionally eating better and less really works people. You just have to do it. And now I just have to keep doing it.

* I had a successful morning run this morning of 3 miles. It wasn't much and it took me until halfway through to feel warmed up, but at this point I'm just glad I did it. The heat in the evening is intense and I just have to get up if I want to beat it. Here's to hoping I can do this a couple of more times this week to help make this a habit.

* There are now 144 days to go until the Richmond Marathon. For some reason that doesn't sound like enough time. It's kind of scary and exciting at the same time to know that in a little more than a month I'll be running distances that I haven't done in three years.

* The next #runchat on Twitter will be July 1. Scott with iRunnerBlog and I have decided to hold the chats twice a month -- the first and third Thursday of each month. The next chat will focus on marathons since the prime marathon training season is under way.