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60 days ... 60 foods

During several different training sessions I have made lists of foods to avoid for a certain amount of time with hopes that avoiding those foods lead to better overall decisions. It works to some extent, but I always seem to fall slowly back into some bad habits. So with 60 days until the Richmond Marathon, I am doing this all over again. This time, though, I am looking a bit beyond the marathon. With the marathon in mid-November, the holidays soon follow, so I can't completely reverse everything that has worked this year in the final two months of the year. Before I present this list, let me put out a few points that I am making with this:

  • While I am taking this list seriously, I'm also having fun. That's one reason the list is so specific in some areas.
  • Before jumping on me with the whole "doing it in moderation" thing, I KNOW THAT. AND YES I AM GOING TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS AND YELL AT YOU. I KNOW THAT MODERATION WORKS BEST. I actually already do a pretty good job of moderation. That's not the point -- the point is making healthier choices for the next two months and beyond.
  • This is not about weight loss. Weight loss would be nice and may happen, but at this point in time of my marathon training, weight loss is a goal I'm not focusing on right now.
  • Oh, did I tell you that I know that moderation is best?
  • This is not a solid "no" list ... while this is a list of foods that I am avoiding for the next 60 days and beyond, I am going to allow myself to have one or two of these things every once in a while. On a day in which I have a 20-mile run planned, I think having a pizza or french fries later in the day would be OK ... in moderation of course.
  • I am not recommending this list to anyone. For my Twitter followers out there who were waiting to see this, please know that this is just a decision I am making and have consulted no one in this list.

So, on with the list.

1. French fries. I always give up french fries at some point in my training, but it seems this summer I've had a love affair with Chick-fil-A and their waffle fries every couple of weeks. So why not go ahead and give it up now and be done. My mouth is already watering for them.

2. Kit Kat bars. I told that I wanted to have fun with this list. I haven't had a Kit Kat in forever, but with Halloween falling in this time frame, it's important to get it in my head now that I won't eat one.

3. Cupcakes. Unless they become part of my son's birthday party in November.

4. Papa John's pizza. I'm boycotting them for bad customer service reasons anyway, so no loss there.

5. Chocolate chip cookies at work. This may be my biggest weakness right now. We have the best chocolate chip cookies in history at my job. 3 for $1.50. I get them about once a week.

6. Kentucky Fried Chicken. It makes my stomach hurt anyway.

7. Ice cream. My wife hates it when I say I've given this up and I tend to give in to this too much. It's time I make a switch to some frozen fruit bars or frozen yogurt or something similarly cold.

8. Diet Coke.

9. Dr Pepper.

10. Burger King sausage biscuits.

11. Burger King hash browns. These two are here because for whatever reason, that's what I've had for breakfast the past two Saturdays.

12. Candy corn. Stupid Halloween. I'll make one exception for this -- on Halloween itself.

13. Egg rolls. Man, I haven't had Chinese in a while. I bet I crave this tomorrow.

14. Twinkies. I think this was on my 40 foods list a few years ago, and I still haven't had one since then. It's still worth putting on the list though. You never know when one might pop up at work.

15. Doughnuts. Just because I ate one the other morning at work ... you notice that trend of "at work"?

16. Cake with icing. One exception: my son's birthday. I think I'll make an exception for ice cream that day too.

17. Pizza Hut pizza. Is it just me or has the quality of their pizza gone way downhill with the new pricing system?

18. Miller Lite.

19. Bud Light. Just because they're already easy enough to avoid.

20. Taco Bell's 5 layer burrito. I had one of those this summer. Awful stuff. No reason to eat one again. Ever.

21. Long John Silver's fish. Another one of those things I haven't had in years. When I was a teen, though, a friend and I used to eat at LJS about once a week and order a side of "crunchies." You know, the fried batter.

22. Wendy's double cheeseburger. I'm on a fast food kick here.

23. McDonald's quarter pounder.

24. Wendy's triple cheeseburger. Maybe someone from Wendy's will get this in a Google Alert and offer me free food. I'm not taking them off my list though.

25. Arby's curly fries. I'm getting hungry making this list. I know I've already doubled up on the fries, but remember, I'm trying to have fun. And get free food.

26. Five Guys Burgers and fries. Just anything from there, even though I haven't been there in a few years.

27. Snickers Bars. If it wasn't for Halloween, I would never even touch these things. My Halloween list is going to be extremely minimal by the time I'm done with this.

28. IHOP's pancakes.

29. IHOP's stuffed french toast. Who could eat this stuff anyway?

30. IHOP's bacon. I don't like IHOP anyway, but they deserved a shoutout since nothing in there should be eaten ever.

31. Combos. I only eat Combos when I travel, and I'm not planning on going anywhere until Thanksgiving.

32. Fudge

33. Regular bacon

34. Cheesecake. Me no likey anyway. Can you tell I'm getting tired of thinking?

35. Digiorno pizza

36. Red Baron pizza

37. Frozen pizza. I can't pick on but so many frozen pizza lines. I'm already losing any potential on any brand names ever sponsoring me.

38. Chocolate Cheerios. Seriously, why are these available?

39. Fried chicken fingers from anywhere.

40. McDonald's hash browns.

41. McDonald's sausage biscuits. While it may seem funny that I'm so specific about some of these things, it's important to be that way. If for some reason I'm on the road and am stopping from breakfast, I need to make a healthier choice. It's possible at McDonald's not to eat completely bad ... so that being said ...

42. McDonald's double cheeseburgers.

43. Chocolate pie.

44. Mozzarella sticks.

45. Fried shrimp.

46. Milkshakes. Kind of like ice cream, but there's the need to be specific.

47. Pork rinds. Just in case some fall festivals sparks at interest.

48. Oreos.

49. Elephant ears.

50. Funnel cake. Gotta keep with the festival theme.

51. Jawbreakers. I know what treats are coming ... I have to keep myself in control during Halloween.

52.  Onion rings. It almost makes me sick to think about fried foods right now.

53. Potato bread. I LOVE potato bread on a homemade burger. It's time to lay off for a while.

54. Fireballs. Again, Halloween.

55. Domino's Pizza. Might as well since they are missing from above.

56. Marshmallows. Unless I find myself near a camp fire anytime soon.

57. 3 Musketeers. Have I left myself any room for Halloween treats? You bet. But this list is going to help.

58. Burritos.

59. Italian sausage. Those fair-type Italian sausage. Want to know an awesome alternative -- turkey Italian sausage. Great tasting, much fewer calories.

60. Skittles. I saved the best for last. I had a treat size of Skittles today, my first taste of Skittle since probably Christmas. I think I can wait until at least Christmas this year to have some again.

OK. I'm tired now. And hungry. Time for something not on this list. If I repeated something, I'll edit it later.