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7 seconds, with some pizza on the side

7 seconds - that's how much time I shaved off my mile "test" this month. When I stopped the watch and read 7:48, I was almost disappointed. It's not an all-out mile, but I really felt like I had gone a lot faster. Maybe I just wanted it to be faster. In the big picture though, 7 seconds is pretty good. It's an improvement, yet there's a lot to work on.

Following the mile test, I decided to add a couple quarter-mile intervals on my way home. The first, which was fairly flat, was in 1:39 -- my fastest quarter mile so far this summer. I was pleased, considering that it was coming after the mile. My second quarter mile, which started on a slight incline, was a little slower in 1:51. By that time I think I was just too tired. After all, I actually didn't plan on doing this until tomorrow, my usual speed day. The weather, though, was absolutely gorgeous this morning -- mid-60s, low humidity. It just felt right. Tomorrow morning's weather is supposed to be the same, if not a little bit cooler, so I may extend my miles just a bit.

On the nutrition side of things this week, I am having my final chain-brand pizza tonight. For whatever reason, I was craving some greasy mess from Papa John's, so I decided this week would be a good week to have it for the last time for a while. I likely won't give up pizza altogether -- my wife and I enjoy making it at home every once in a while. Homemade, or very close to homemade, pizza is much better. Plus we are much healthier with the ingredients. But for one final night, I'm digging into some unhealthy, but tasty Papa John's. In the past, I've been known to dig into pizza a couple of days before a race, but this summer I'm going to approach it a little differently.

Lastly, I've created yet another blog. This one is devoted to my Dave Matthews Band experiences. Click here to go to it, or go to

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July 1: Walk - 1.5; Run - 3.7