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85 push-ups

Sometime before I begin training for my next marathon, I will do 100 consecutive push-ups. As I've already documented, the path to doing 100 push-ups hasn't been easy, but I've stayed determined to get it done, eventually. In October, I fell off the wagon, but the work I did in the first several weeks paid off in making the beginnings of my move very easy. But if I want the rest of my moving to be "easy," I have to pick back up this program. A couple of weeks ago I did a "test" to see where I was so I would know where to resume -- I did 33 push-ups. But then I had to sleep on a couch and ended up sleeping on my shoulder wrong. So I put it off for a week so I wouldn't hurt myself. Then this past weekend I did another "test" -- to my surprise I did 35. Lifting all those boxes around have kept my arms strong apparently. I felt great.

So tonight I FINALLY re-started. This time in a different column -- level 3 -- and I started on week 3. I did sets of 14, 18, 14, 14 and 25. This workout felt great. I'm certainly not where I was when I left off, but I'm surprisingly close. Continuing the program will not be the easiest thing as I still have things to do with moving, but I will completely this program sometime. Now that I know where I stand, I'm too far along to drop this.