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A 3.1-mile snow-packed journey

I really thought that getting a run in this weekend in Ohio was going to be impossible. Yesterday it was -5 when I got up. But thanks to a 30-degree swing in temperatures in the past 24 hours, I got in a good 5k run today on some snow-packed roads in a park near my in-laws. I wanted to run more than that, but my options were very limited and honestly those 3.1 miles felt more like 5 miles worth of effort with running through the snow. The temperature difference was amazing. While it was certainly still cold, it was manageable. Just walking outside yesterday morning hurt my lungs. I managed to run through some tire tracks that helped me find a path, but there were a fresh couple of inches of snow this morning that made the run all the more interesting. Roads that I would normally run through at a campground had not been driven on yet - these roads easily have about a foot of snow on them.

All in all, I'm just happy to get something in!