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A 7.5-mile wake-up call

I know I have a decent amount of time to get into better race shape (10 weeks to be exact), but today was a good kick in the ass. A former co-worker of mine invited me to an 8-mile run with a current co-worker of his. At first I was a bit hesitant -- it's as if I wasn't ready to run with someone else. I didn't want to slow people down. And I had really only planned for between 6 and 7 miles today. I went anyway, and I'm glad a did -- it showed me I have some work to do on longer distances.

Everything was pretty much OK until I got about 6 miles in. It was at that point in which I just didn't want to keep going, but there's something about running with other people that just keeps the legs moving. Toward the end, though, we hit a pretty grueling hill that I just had to walk part of. It's these kinds of runs that make me better down the road. I know I'm better than this ... I just have to go out and find that part of me again.

All in all, this long run capped a great week even though it didn't feel like it. Coming off a week of vacation that saw very little running, I'm glad to be back on track. Now, if only I could get a job ...

Workouts since last post
June 20: Walk - 0.8; Run - 4
June 21: Rest
June 22: Run - 7.5
Week totals: Walk - 5.7; Run - 19; Bike - 7.7
Training totals (since June 1): Walk - 11; Run - 42.9; Bike - 34.3