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A better way to bike and not go anywhere

A couple of weeks ago it was the new elliptical machine that I fell in love with at the gym ... this week it's the new bike by Expresso Fitness.

This bike has several options and uses a screen to make it seem like you're biking with others. It felt more natural too because you actually steer the bike. It was definitely different, but I know that it'll be a big part of my routine this winter.

This has been an interesting week with not being able to do much until yesterday. Between being busy at work and trying to sleep when I can, the first half of the week was pretty dull with working out. In the past couple of days though I've hit the new elliptical machine for more than 6 miles and rode 5.4 miles on the new bike.

I've discovered this week that I need new shoes, so I'm going to be a voyage to find some sort of deal this holiday season. I've had four good months in my current pair, but the tread is quickly disappearing. Since I won't be running on the roads so much, I don't want to pay full price for something to get me through the next few months. I'd like to get to February or so before going all-out with shoes, plus most new models will be out by then.