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A continued uphill battle

I wrote the other day about how I hated missing this year's Blue Ridge Half Marathon in Roanoke. So instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I hit the road for a short run on Saturday. It was completely spontaneous as I had actually planned on taking the day off. To remind myself of missing another half marathon due to ITB injury recovery, I wore one of my 13.1 visors and the race shirt from last year's Lynchburg Half Marathon.

Wearing these things and putting myself in the middle of conversations of races I can't do right now is how I motivate myself. Being told and telling myself I "can't" do something doesn't settle well with me. While I feel like I am over my injury, the path to getting back to where I was distance-wise feels like the biggest uphill battle I've ever had. A few years ago I wouldn't have cared this much, but I do now. It's tough, but I'm determined.