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A conversation with my body

After dealing with a move in September, it really seems hard to believe that this is the last "big" week with training for the Richmond Marathon. Tapering can't come soon enough. This week while running my body is having a conversation with me.

Right foot: "Really, another mile to go? But I need a break."
Me: "So what pal, you're sticking with me."

Left knee: "OK buddy, I'm hurting, I know you feel me. But if you insist, I have a good 20 mile run in me on Saturday."
Me: "Thanks! Yes, I feel your pain, but talk to the right knee about that. Now '06 was pain. This my friend, is nothing. Thanks for sticking it out with me."

Lungs: "Can't breathe. Too much. It's October and it's still hot air coming in. What happened to temperatures in the 40s like the other day."
Me: "I can't agree more. I'm thinking Mother Nature is waiting until we cut back the miles to get super nice, and then we won't be going very far."

My ears: "C'mon you SOB. How many times do I have to hear Garth Brooks' 'Callin' Baton Rouge?'"
Me: "Look, this song gets me going just ask much as any O.A.R. or Dave Matthews Band song, so shut up. And don't call me an SOB."

Back: "You're almost 30 and I've never hurt before ... don't let me start now."
Me: "Remember that 30k? You were hurting then. Just hang with me through this week and we'll survive the marathon."

After all these miles, my legs, lungs and brain are ready to cut back after Saturday. While next week will still be "long" by my standards from just a few months ago, I'm looking forward to easing up on the distance. Many people talk about feeling like tapering isn't working or that they don't want to ease up. After all these long runs with distances I've never hit until now, I'm more than happy to cut back. I'm listening to my body, and it's telling me that after Saturday it wants to prepare itself for Nov. 10.