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A distraction from running

Today I started a new journey in my life with a new job. I'm glad this is happening on race week rather than the middle of training. When that alarm went off an hour earlier than usual, I was dragging this morning. It was a usual planned day off a full run, but I still stumbled to a walk and short jog with my dog. He looked very pleased afterward.

Anyway, with the start of a new job, it's easy to get distracted from running until I get into a normal routine. That's a good thing this week. I'll work my mileage in at various points, but it gives me a chance to rest my legs without thinking about it. I was feeling sluggish during yesterday's short run. Before I know it, I'll be at the beach and it'll be race day. I don't have to time to think about it until late Friday evening.

Workouts since Aug. 21
Aug. 22: Walk - 1; Run - 10.2
Aug. 23: Yard sale!
Aug. 24: Walk - 1.1; Run - 3.3
Week totals: Walk - 7; Run - 22.7; and one day of painting
Aug. 25: Walk - 1.1; Run - 0.5