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A good way to close 2009

Cold rain. A few snowflakes mixed in. No watch. But I'm happy to have a 5k under my belt 400-plus days later. But I did it ... I think. "It" is setting a course record for the Christmas Classic. Unfortunately there was no clock at the finish line and I somehow left my watch at home. I overheard someone in front of me say they were just a little more than 24 minutes, so I'm pretty sure I beat my 2004 time of 24:51. Official results have not been posted yet. I know I easily beat 2005's time of 26:51. It's nice to get older and get faster in a race, but honestly I know I can do faster. I won't beat myself up, but if I could knock off 10 pounds I could knock off another minute or so of my 5ks.

Anyway, this was a crazy day to run outside. The temperature when I woke up was 40, but that gradually dropped in the morning. And it was raining. As the race ended, a few huge snowflakes were mixing in, but it rained the whole 3.1 miles. I don't really have too much to say about the race -- I did what I could, but I couldn't push it very hard in the last half mile, which is pretty much uphill. My shoes were water-logged and my toes were getting numb. And I was cold. I just couldn't push myself through that today.

This is a great way to close off the crazy running year of 2009. Had injuries not slowed me down in the spring, it's hard to tell where I would be right now. But I can't dwell on that -- I can only look forward. Ending on a high note like this certainly helps.

On a side note, it did snow today ... in the mountains. Here's proof from a visit to the Peaks of Otter this afternoon: