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A letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
Please make up your mind. Earlier this week, temperatures were nice in the mid-60s with no humidity. But just a week before, it was already 75 degrees at 7 a.m. with very high humidity. Walking outside was like taking a shower. This week you had a dry heat, which was a nice change. Then you through us runners a curve ball at the end of the week with it being very hot and humid. Then yesterday was perfect; today, not so much.

I know that fall will be here in about a month, and cooler temperatures will arrive and stay here. But please, don't throw us an 80-degree day on Nov. 10. Last year you were cruel to the Richmond Marathoners. This year, I beg you, be nice. Be cloudy with temperatures in the 60s. And for the rest of this summer, just be consistent. That's all I ask.

A crazy runner