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A mid-week journey

Every run involves some sort of challenge. It's one of the things that make running worthwhile. Today I challenged myself by moving my long run to the middle of the week and after a track workout the day before, all because I want to run a 5-mile race Saturday. I was told once that a long run after a track workout is a great thing to do, as long as the long run is done with ease. Last night I questioned whether or not to do a longer run today because I felt worn out, but when I woke up I knew it was the right thing to do.

On top of that, I challenged myself to not run up and down the same street in order to not cross the same point twice. I almost did that, but ended up crossing one point twice only briefly and then running just past where my ran began. (Click here to view the run.)

Overall, this was a good, solid, in-control run. I'm glad I did it. The route I took is so easy to add to as well. Only problem was it was already in the mid-70s and very humid when the ran began around 6:30 a.m. By the end, I was sweating so bad that sweat was dripping off my hat as if it were raining. It was like taking a shower, not rinsing off and putting clothes on.