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A most-ever moment

One of the biggest lessons I learned from last year was to not get too caught up in the "most ever" or "best ever" moments. While they’re great and worth celebrating, it’s very easy to lose focus if I dwell on them too much. Today is one of those moments to celebrate, but I also need to quickly move on. I’ll talk about it now and drink a Magic Hat or two to celebrate, but tomorrow is September and there are still 45 days until the Baltimore Marathon. FOCUS.

So … what’s the big deal?

Today’s tired feeling 3.3-mile run puts me at 134.5 miles for August. It's the most miles in a month ever, edging out 133 miles in October 2007. I actually fell about 6 miles shy of my goal, as well as not getting to 40 miles last week, but I knew ahead of time those were big miles for me. The 40 will come soon enough though.

Similar to how I felt a month ago, how I got to that number is what is important.

  • 7 runs out of 22 were under a 9-minute pace. That's not quite as good as July, but this month I had a few more shorter and slower (and very important) recovery runs.
  • A solid effort in the Lynchburg Half Marathon.
  • Breaking 22 minutes in the Fab 5k.
  • I ran a mountain.
And now it's time to focus on September ...