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A new path

new pathLast week I said that I'd set a goal on Feb. 1 for Shamrock depending on how I felt. Even though I'm feeling better, I'm not ready to set a goal. These past two months with running haven't been the best. Part of it is getting necessary rest; another part of it has been from getting the flu; and some of it has to do with other things going on around me.

Work, home, money ... just life itself. Nothing bad really. In fact, a lot of it is really great, yet a distraction from running.

In the past couple of months I've let running get back to what I want it to be -- me time. I haven't cared how fast or slow I've been. In some ways that's good; in some ways it's bad.

Whenever I put my mind on something, I want to get it done. I like having these moments that I'm flipping a switch to a new training cycle or doing something new.

This week I thought I was ready to start working with a trainer. I'm really not. I tried that last year too and it just didn't work for me. I didn't want it to play out too publicly besides a few tweets until I was more into the program. Now I don't really need to explain anything else.

Combine that with other things going on in life, I'm just not ready for a drastic change with my training like I thought I was. It's not something I'm about to force.

There's no one single reason why I've opted not to go that route, just as there's no single reason why I've opted to not set any goals in stone just yet.

A couple of years ago when I was plotting out a return to running after an injury, I carved out a path that made sense. It all came together through well-plotted PRs and really ended with last year's Shamrock Half and Carytown 10k.

This sort of lull after the Richmond Marathon that I couldn't force out once I got sick reminds me of how I felt when I really couldn't run.

I'm ready to carve out a path again ... just not quite the way I thought it would be.