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A new PR, finally

run for the dream 8k race bib

Disclosure: Run for the Dream provided me a race entry for an 8K. All opinions about the event are my own and I am not being compensated in any other way.

The PR drought is OVER. It's one of those PRs that I'm not going to jump up and down and get too excited about, but I felt a huge weight come off my shoulders today in the Run for the Dream 8K as I pushed myself to a new best time of 37:51:31.

Run for the Dream 8K timeAfter running the first mile in 7:42, I maintained a pretty steady pace on what was a great course in Williamsburg and the College of William & Mary. (I'll save my complaining about other parts of the event for another time.)

I was pretty excited to get an email an hour or so after the race showing that I was in the top 80 in the field and 11th in my age group.

This was just the 4th race ever at the distance, but it's still a minute slower than my 5-mile PR, so that's why my excitement is somewhat subdued.

That said, with a little more than a month to go until a 5K on July 4, I have a better idea of where I am physically and what kind of work I need to do to go for a PR in that race. I also think I have a great back-up race lined up if I fall short.

I left a little bit on the course today, and I've done some speedwork recently that gets me to a 5K PR pace, so I'm really looking forward at seeing what I can do in July.

It's time to concentrate, run fast, eat better and go for it.