A post setting up other posts

I often get asked how training is going for the Richmond Marathon. Well, honestly, ever since I signed up for it in March, I don't feel like I've done much for it. Basically, I've maintained decent mileage for a couple of months (16-22 miles a week) and just waited until this month to get here to really focus on it. My long runs will steadily increase between now and November, but I think I'll be comfortable upping my mileage until I get to a distance I've never done. Last year when I trained for the 10 miler, each long run always felt good mentally because, simply, I had never gone that far before. At the same time they were a bit uncomfortable physically because I had never logged that distance before. My longest runs since I started running again have been my half marathons. Including warming up for those events, I've never gone more than 14 miles in a day. When I hit that distance sometime in August, I know that mentally it'll be great. Physically? We'll see ...

I'd like to take a chance to layout some things I'd like to write about (it's sort of like what happens at work -- having a meeting to discuss other meetings). Next week will mark 16 weeks to the marathon. I plan to write about long runs specifically. My goal is to write about how I felt on the long runs and provide a link on mapmyrun.com or using google maps to show where I went. I believe that the key thing with the marathon training will be the long runs. Through September, I'll be in the speed and endurance training group. I plan to write about each of those workouts. Lastly, I plan to write about weight and nutrition. I've written about the journey from 220 pounds ago (click here for that post), but I'd like to detail a little more about my goals and look back in a little more detail of where I've been since the initial weight loss. If I somehow don't touch on these subjects in the next couple of minds, please kindly remind me to.

To end us this no-point post, I'd like to thank those who have become regular readers. I've enjoyed reading other blogs and I look forward to reading more - I hope that this blog has become somewhat helpful and/or entertaining. For those running the Richmond Marathon or the 8K that same day, maybe we can actually meet the night before or the day of the race.