A Q&A with 265andfalling's Steve

As part of my new site, I hope to bring some outside voices to my posts through guest posts and Q&A sessions. I've had a few guest posts before to sort of test how things would go, and they've been very popular. So today I start what I hope becomes at least a monthly feature on this site.

Meet Steve, fellow blogger at 265andfalling.com. He's the guy you like to make fun of at McDonald's ... or maybe he's the guy who caused the line to backup in the drive-thru because he wanted a couple of extra McDoubles off the $1 menu. Yeah, that person. Or should I say, he WAS that person. Let me try again ... Meet Steve. He's one of the few people in 2010 following through with what he said he wanted to do. It's not easy, and he'll readily admit that, but he's changing his life, one day, one exercise, one mile, one pound at a time. Steve and I are exchanging posts today - you can visit my entry here to read my post. For my site, Steve is doing a Q&A ...

Q: You seem like a pretty honest guy. Your "Old Me" page talks about McDonald's. So, being as honest as you can, what was your "ah-ha" moment to spark your change?

I didn't really have one particular ah-ha moment … for almost a year every time I saw a picture of myself, or stepped on the scale, it was like an ah-ha moment. I just didn't do anything about it. Then one day, I stumbled across some weight-loss blogs. I read through three or four that day, and I thought "I can do this." Since I wasn't doing a very good job at keeping myself accountable, I thought I might try to let the world help. So I took a deep breath, set up my blog, and started telling my story.

Q: You started this lifestyle change in October 2009. How much weight have you lost so far?

It's been a bit slow going, but right now I am down 34.8 pounds.

Q: What's been the hardest thing to do?

Diet! I love food, in all ways, shapes, and forms. I haven't reached a point yet where I don't crave the McDonald's sometimes, or the pizza, or the fried chicken, etc. I may never NOT crave them, but if I can keep it in control then I think I’ll be okay.

Q: What's your favorite exercise?

The answer I'm about to give is something I never thought I would say: Running! The ARC Trainer is a very close second. I'm trying to learn to like strength training, but it's been slow going on that front.

Q: Do you have a favorite new food? Something that you had no idea you'd like?

Salad. It sounds cliché, but it was something I always avoided. Why get a bunch of lettuce with your meal when you could have a pile of delicious french fries? But hey, salads are actually pretty versatile, don't have much as far as calories (if you are conservative with the dressing), will fill you up and won't make you feel like crap (ala french fries). My favorite salad consists of romaine lettuce, bruschetta mix, a little bit of feta cheese, and low fat Caesar dressing. Awesome!

Q: What's been the most surprising thing so far?

This kind of goes back to the exercise question, I never, EVER thought I would like running. Walking has always been sufficient. Running scared me because it seemed like a lot of work. When you are heavier guy, running isn’t always a pretty site either (imagine fat rolls and mobs flying in every direction). But I tried it. It sucked at first, I won't lie … but it wasn't long before it wasn't really sucking. And now I love it, and if I go too long without doing it I feel bad. It's really cool, but considering my view on it just 6 months ago, it can be a bit weird to think about.

Q: I really like your goals page. One of those goals is a marathon. What kind of reaction to you get when you tell people that? And what's your reaction to their reaction?

My plan is to run the Baltimore Marathon in October. I may have jumped the gun a bit, because I had only been running for a couple weeks when I thought "Hey, a marathon would be cool," but I am still going to do it. The people I tell think it's cool, but I still suspect there is a sense of disbelief surrounding it. The Steve they know is not a runner. I know I blew a few peoples minds when I ran a 5k road race in January, so I suspect that once it gets closer, and it becomes more apparent that I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO DO IT, there will be some shock.

Q: For someone who deciding right now, this very day, to get off their butt and make a change, what advice would you give them?

Just do it. Don't sit there and make a huge elaborate plan, because you are pretty much guaranteeing your failure right off the bat. Make a change here, and a change there, and just do it. You will see everything will fall into place from there. Oh, and buy non-cotton underwear, especially if you plan to run. Just trust me on that one.