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A Q&A with Dr. Wimmer

Growing up, here's what I knew about chiropractors: my grandmother regularly went to one and they had crazy signs in front of their offices that never enticed me to learn more. Then about a year ago when my wife kept complaining about her back, and I got tired of telling her to see a doctor, I saw a tweet from a local chiropractor about getting a complimentary exam. All that was needed was to bring in a coupon from Twitter or Facebook. Fast forward a couple of months and my wife was doing better, I was saying "I told you so" … and next thing you know I'm getting treatment after my "injury" (I really thought I'd use "result" more after this post) in the fall. So, here's what I know now: the spine controls everything in your body; chiropractic care just isn't for back pain; and those signs in front of offices? This guy doesn't have any, and he's a normal family guy.

I've mentioned a few times on my blog about going to see Dr. David Wimmer in Forest, Va. Dr. Wimmer has been a chiropractor for seven years after graduating from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2004; he doesn’t wear a lab coat around the office; and … did I mention he doesn't put crazy signs outside his office? Last week Dr. Wimmer and I sat down for a video Q&A to talk about chiropractic treatment and why it's good for athletes and runners to see a chiropractor. Here you go.

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