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A Q&A with Steve Speirs

Some of you know him as British Bull Dog; some of you know him as the 100 push-ups guy; and some of you just know him as a runner. Meet Steve Speirs, all of the above, and then some. I started reading Steve's blog some time ago and always enjoyed his race posts and his approach to blogging. Somewhere along the way we exchanged a few messages; he's offered tremendous support on my 100 push-ups failure; and we've become what I think it a pretty good virtual friendship. One of these days we'll actually meet in person. Oh, and you can find him on Daily Mile too. Now, onto my Q&A with Steve. Q: Your first road race was a half marathon in 1982. In 28 years of racing, what is your favorite racing memory? So many great memories, but the easy choice is my victory at the Cayman Islands Marathon towards the end last year (video below). Totally unexpected and something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Who would have thought a regular guy like me would ever win a marathon?

2009 Cayman Islands Marathon from steve speirs on Vimeo.

Q: What is one race you'd like to do, but haven't had the chance to? Probably the Comrades Marathon in South Africa. Bart Yasso recently described Comrades as "The ultimate race. The best race in the world." I'm seriously toying with the idea of entering the 2011 event.

Q: What do you like most about running? I love to challenge myself and constantly strive to reach my full potential, but also love to run for the relaxation and pure enjoyment it offers.

Q: What's been the worst injury you've experienced, and how did you over come it? In 2009 I pushed too hard in training and got a bit greedy with my races -- ended up with a second metatarsal fracture after trying to run three 5Ks in one day (2 in a run~swim~run relay with my wife, and the other at a Twilight 5K in Crystal City). Rehab went surprisingly well -- I biked daily and maintained upper body/core strength by doing one-legged push-ups. All I could think about was running again, and each day of "doing the right thing" would bring me closer to the goal. I can't really explain the joy of my first post-stress fracture run, but my wife Ally captured it nicely on video for posterity:

First Post-Stress Fracture Run from steve speirs on Vimeo.

The video was taken in early September. By the end of 2009 I'd completed numerous 5Ks and 10Ks, a 10 Miler, half marathon, two marathons and my first competitive 50K. I guess I got lucky with my recovery?

Q: Lastly, what one piece of advice would you give to someone who just started running? Just keep it fun, and if possible find someone you can share your love of running with. Aim to make it a lifestyle and not some chore you perform to bring other aspects of your life into balance.

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