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A re-commitment for 2012

Dear Me,Remember 8 years ago how you finally made that decision to lose weight? Remember how you looked like this:

pre-running days

In the past 8 years you've done a lot -- you lost 40 pounds, you have run dozens of races including three marathons, you even like salads.

You know, though, that you've been saying for a while you want to lose those "final" 10 pounds. In reality, those "final" 10 pounds consist of several pounds that have been gained or lost over this 8-year span, nagging at you when your jeans get a little tighter.

Remember that drive and determination from the beginning of 2004? The running, the lifting weights, the drastically changed diet -- it was truly a new lifestyle. You have done a fairly good job at keeping a lot of those things going, but there are times you let that slip.

But as the calendar changes to another year, there's no better time than now to recommit, get back to eating much better all of the time, cross train consistently and to make 2012 an even better year than 2011.

Yes, you, it's time ...

Sincerely, Me