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A return to 20

For the first time in about four months, I ran 20 miles this week. With eight weeks to go until my half marathon, I'm extremely pleased to be at this point. With looking back at my training for the Shamrock Half in March, I ran just four weeks with mileage in the 20s, plus a 20-plus week the week of the race. It's a good place to be to hit 20 now and to feel like I could have done more this week.

To hit 20 miles this week, I put in 7.1 miles on my long run yesterday. I moved the long run to Saturday because it was so nice when I woke up. While it was humid, the temperatures were in the upper 60s and it was extremely cloudy. It was just a good day for a run and I wanted to take advantage of weather like that in July. Plus I knew I'd be up later than usual that night watching the NASCAR race.

As I have mentioned before, my long run goals for the next few weeks will be 8, 9 and 10 miles. I'll continue to increase my overall mileage little by little for a few weeks before having a recovery week. I'll then be pretty aggressive for a couple of weeks before the race week. It sure makes the race seem pretty close when talking about it like that, but I'm very confident that I'll be where I want to be at the end of August.

Workouts since last post
July 5: Walk - 1.3; Run - 7.1
July 6: Walk - 1.3; Plank - 1:00; 100 set ups on Bosu ball
Week totals: Walk - 6.4; Run - 20; Bike - 5.1