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A sad day in music

For those who know me well, know my obsession with the Dave Matthews Band. (I even have a blog about my experiences. Click here for it.) But, stealing words from another song, the music died a little bit last night. If you haven't heard, saxophonist LeRoi Moore died last night after having complications from an ATV accident in June. That accident occurred a day or two after I saw DMB in concert ... LeRoi's last show.

The band has continued on this summer with Bela Fleck's Jeff Coffin filling in. And last night the band continued on with a show in Los Angeles. According to the official site, Dave told the crew: "There's no place I'd rather be than here with you guys right now."

Some people may question the future of DMB without one its original five members, but I think it would be a shame. There's nothing wrong with canceling the rest of this tour and taking a break next summer, but they have to keep playing to honor LeRoi. They have to write songs about him, so he can live on in music.