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A solo #runchat

Twitter, runningAs co-moderator of #runchat on Twitter, I have taken a step back from answering the questions and just let the conversations go. It's a lot of fun to watch, and co-moderator Scott and I talk behind your backs as you answer the questions. I KID, I KID! The conversations have been great and it's so awesome to see runners of all abilities sharing their experiences with each other. We have some exciting plans for future #runchat sessions ... but I can't quite give those details away just yet. So in between #runchats -- which are the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 8 p.m. ET -- I thought I'd take some of the questions from the past few chats and answer them myself -- in 140 characters or less, of course. And if you're unfamiliar with #runchat, this is how it works: We ask questions, you answer them. It's easier than tying your shoes and going out for a run.

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? If so, what? YES! Matt Fitzgerald's "Run ..." book and a gift card to my local running store, which I used to buy socks.

What are your big goals for 2011? To get rid of my ITB issue, and then to finish the year stronger than I begin it. I'll figure out later what that means.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to a new runner in '11? Start slow. One mile, one day, one week at a time. Little things add up to big results.

Looking back on 2010, what was the biggest goal you set and conquered? A PR in a half marathon. So many choices, but that's what I've wanted for a while. 1,000 miles was nice, but it's just a number.

Do you feel that race fees are too expensive? What is the most you will spend to enter a race? For many community races, yes. I think the reputation and number of entries should drive the price.

When do you switch to pants and/or long sleeves? What is your layering strategy? Under 40, I switch to pants. Thin layers work best - 2-3 (maybe 4) on top, depending on the temperature.

What's the longest time you've taken off due to injury? Do you rest, run through or seek help? Unfortunately that time is now, but I'm not keeping track of time. I've rested, ran through and sought help.

Men, what do you think when you see a runner in a skirt? I could care less. People should run with whatever is comfortable for them.

--> Don't forget, #runchat returns at 8 p.m. ET Sunday, Jan. 9. More details coming very soon.

--> I'm looking to continue Q&A sessions and guest posts in 2011. If you're interested, let me know! Visit my Contact page and we'll make it happen.