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Abs ... or lack thereof

Since I first lost weight four years ago, I have done very little ab workout. Like most people, I'll do it for a couple of weeks and then it'll slack off. Perhaps its the lack of immediate reward that our society is used to. I could care less for that 6 pack of abs, but I'd certainly like to be closer than I've always been.

So I've been inspired by Non-running Nancy to time myself on the plank -- the simple act of getting on my elbows and holding my body up. It's far and away the best ab workout I've come across. I've been doing the plank every once in a while, but not enough. Before I moved to Richmond, I was doing it pretty regularly, but slacked off quickly. Now it's time to hold myself accountable to doing some ab workouts and timing myself on the plank. So ... today I was able to hold it for a measly 46 seconds. I guess that's not too bad, but I thought I could hold it for at least a minute. I guess I have my work cut out for me!