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Accepting my failures

In the past few years, July has typically been one of my best months, both in terms of how I feel about where things are heading and with total running mileage. This month, though, reminds me more of how I often feel in April or May when I’m taking some down time or figuring out what’s next.

This July has consisted of 3 stages: the first few days were awesome, complete with a decent 5k; then I had a week where I felt like my running world was falling apart; in the past week I’ve hit this acceptance stage of knowing I’m not going to hit my goals I set for myself this month and am finally looking forward to what’s ahead.

Being honest and accepting that I thought I was ready for July to be different June is leading to a nice closing. When I add up the numbers in a few days, I’ll be WAY short of my running mileage goal and I doubt I’ll hit my weight goal; I am, however, focused on hitting my mileage goal for the bike.

I feel determined to have at least a 33.3% success rate before I set August goals.

As for those 13 goals for the year, I’m still focused on those too, but I wish I wouldn’t have locked myself into some of them. I’m not going to let myself worry about what may or may not happen with those right now … I just want to get them done.

My self-pity party has been an experience like no other -- and I think I've had one too many posts about it -- but I’m glad it’s over.