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Ah, push up

The title is meant to be a reference to the Salt-n-Pepa song from the 1980s, which popped up in my head tonight while doing push-ups. Lame, I know, but doing push-ups I really have to push it to get through them. 100 push-ups, #100pushupsI continue to tell myself that I'm not doing enough of these. I restarted the 100 push-ups program at the beginning of the month, but I should be doing a test getting ready for week 5, or even be on the first day of week 5. Instead I'm on the second day of week 4. That's OK though -- by restarting this program, I have done more than 500 push-ups for the month. I've never made it past week 4 either, so it's important to me to do it slowly, even if it is just on level 1.

I have a major lack of confidence doing this program. I have no idea why or why I've never stuck with it, but this time around feels a lot better.

I'm kind of rambling about this and repeating some things I've said before, but I just want to keep going. I want this to be a key part of my workouts moving forward this summer to help me avoid the trap of "just running" once my mileage gets higher. Make sense?