All eggs, one basket

All eggs in one basketYes, there are other marathons. I could drop out now and then wonder "what if."

I could drop out now and rest.

I could run the marathon and then take months to heal ... or be completely fine.

But first ...

I'm testing out a foam roller I bought today.

I'm icing.

I'm doing new stretches.

I'm resting a least two more days, if not more, before I run again.

You see, nearly a year ago I made this commitment to the Richmond Marathon and for most of that year I've had the best running of my life. If I stop now, it sort of becomes "what's the point." I'm this close (-) to the marathon and to my goal of 1,000 miles for the year, so I'm not going to throw in the towel yet. Not this week anyway.

I know there's a lot at stake here. Could I save myself from a long-term injury by not running? Maybe. Who really knows. I do have experience on my side -- before this blog ever began I had the same exact knee problems in my right knee. Exactly the same. Two weeks before the Virginia 10-Miler, I had pain so bad that I had to stop and limp my way a mile to my car. Two weeks later, after icing, stretching and resting, I ran that race with very few issues. I took some time off afterward, but was running just fine a month later.

Maybe this time around is different; maybe I can't get over it so quickly; maybe I'll start the marathon and have the worst pain of my life.

But I have to try things over the next week and a half first. If I continue to have major issues, then yes, I'll back out. And if that happens ... well, let me worry about that later if that happens.

So go ahead and accuse me of putting a lot on the line for my second marathon. I might not have this opportunity again for a while, so this is just something I have to do.

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