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All I want, but don't really need, for Christmas ...

Please forgive me for what's about to be a very selfish post. With Christmas technically next week, I wanted to put a wish list out there. Some of these things are just big wishes; others are things I could actually use; and a few items are things I already have but could always use ... I must stress, though, that for the first time since I started running a few years ago that I feel fairly complete with what I already own. But ...

* First on my list is the new Garmin. The Garmin Forerunner 405 is probably on every runners list. It would be awesome to have that sleek watch on my wrist. It's not that my 205 isn't working perfectly fine ... but damn that thing is big. I did notice this week that my 205 stopped beeping, so I hope it's not dying. I highly doubt anyone would actually buy me the almost $300 405. One day it will be mine ... through a deal on eBay.

* Shoes. Yes, I just bought myself some, but who wouldn't love an extra pair of shoes? Then I wouldn't have to worry about buying any until my birthday gets here ... and then of course I need a nice birthday gift. After finding Holabird Sports recently, you can save about $30 getting me a new pair. My preference is the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8, size 11. Any color is fine.

* Running shirts (and shorts to match). Short-sleeve. With the discovery of how great being a member of a gym is, my winter gear is fine for another year. Despite having enough, my running shirts are a few years old. So one or two would get me through 2009. Target's Champion line is just fine. Size large. None of those tight ones ... just the cheapest of the cheap.

* Socks. Anything non-cotton is fine. Actually, I probably won't be able to get through next year without having to buy new socks. I can wear socks out pretty quickly, especially since I always having them on. You won't catch me walking around barefoot ... ever. (Just ask my wife.)

* Underwear. Same non-cotton rule applies. And before you ask boxer or briefs, I like the combo boxer-briefs.

But be careful buying me clothes -- my mom and my wife will quickly tell you that I prefer to get clothes myself, although I've been on a quest for two years to find a red turtle neck sweater to wear during Christmas. So if you find one, send me a link to it. Even when it comes to running, I think that I dress myself best. And I've been doing that since I can remember. So, onto some more realistic things (although that Garmin would be lovely) that would be nice, but don't really need.

* Clif bars. I'll need 'em for the long runs later in the year.

* Gatorade Rain. A simple six pack actually lasts me a while since I still mix Rain with water (doesn't that sound weird?).

* Sneaker balls. In all seriousness, my wife has bought me these before and it's quite possibly the best gift ever from a running perspective. They work great.

* A new iPod, headphones that last longer than a year and gel insoles.

* I'd also like a cure for my over pronation, my lack of speed and some help breaking my PR in a half marathon.