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An eye on the 1,000-mile prize

In the past couple of weeks, I intentionally cut back on my mileage. While I needed the break, my headed started spinning -- what about that 1,000 mile goal for this year? Am I still on pace? What if I get behind? This is really the first year that I've had a huge overarching goal for the entire 12 months. And so far, I've been doing well. I've stayed just above the 1,000-mile pace since February ended, giving myself some "bonus" miles, such as going 17 miles over the average needed for a month in April. I also still have marathon training to go for more than a third of the year ... but I can't help but worry.

So yesterday, for the first time in a few weeks, I looked at the numbers and I can take a deep breath -- I'm at 393.2 miles for the year, on pace for 1,047, using the daily average through May 17. I know that resting is OK and taking a few days off will not stop me from hitting that big goal, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to worry about it.