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Another February illness

Nearly a year after being sidelined due to a stomach bug, I've been hit again with a horrible illness. I think it started sometime over the weekend; yesterday wasn't the best of days; and then last night I had a fairly sleepless night as my stomach was killing me. Today it's been a toast and water day -- I don't feel like eating anything, and I have pretty much rotated between the couch, bed and toilet all morning. Dare I say it, but I'm starting to feel better this afternoon.

I always say the body has a way of knowing what's right and wrong and forcing rest whether I feel like I need or not. It's kind of frustrating, though, that I've had such an up and down winter with a couple of bad colds and now this.

I definitely won't be running today, and I'm not sure if I'll be ready for anything tomorrow. It's certainly been an interesting training cycle with my health. At this time of the year it's usually the weather that's the factor, but I obviously need to work on a few things to take care of myself.

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