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Another non-race race

Back in May, I mentioned that I would like to do the Virginia 10 Miler this year. The race is now just two weeks away. Thanks to my place of employment being a sponsor, I was able to sign up last week at a very nicely discounted price. (For the record, at $30 and now $40, this is still a very affordable race.) I've mapped it out here on Daily Mile. While it is hilly -- one of the toughest races I've ever done -- I am more than ready to tackle it. It's a perfect training run for the Richmond Marathon on a week that I pretty much had planned as a recovery week anyway. While I do plan to run it hard, my main goal will once again be to run a sub-marathon goal pace. Saying I want to run a race around 9 minutes a mile almost seems laughable, but I want to make sure I don't overdo it.

Since I've only raced this distance once -- 4 years ago when I was having some knee issues -- beating my time of 1:22:49 is certainly realistic. I'll approach it as another non-race race, but don't be surprised if I get caught up in the hype of this one.