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Another solo #runchat

Fresh off another great #runchat (by fresh, I mean I'm typing this 5 minutes after the chat ended), I wanted to take some time to answer the questions that others answered tonight on Twitter. Scott and I had a great time tonight and are so happy to have so many people join us to talk about running. We're laying low on answering the questions during the chat -- that's your job -- and instead answering the questions later. Just like on Twitter, I'm keeping my responses to 140 characters or less. Q1: Thanks to @RoadID for sponsoring tonight. What's your No. 1 way to assure your safety while running? I usually wear light-colored clothes, take a flashlight and take my phone and/or ID with me.

Q2: How do you manage to run in harsh conditions when training for a spring race/marathon? I just do it. Layer up. Protect the face.

Q3: During winter if you are injured what do you do to stay sane and occupied? Like right now ... trying to do P90X, walk my dog, read a book.

Q4: How do you log your run? Distance/time? Do you log route, elevation, weather, calories etc.? I love Daily Mile to keep track of all that. Usually distance, sometimes time, sometimes all of the above.

Q5: Why do you run? How does it make you feel? These days I sometimes question "why." I'll have to avoid an answer for now.

Q6: Play a game: If you were an animal what type would you be and why? A dog: seeing my dog, Duke, running so carefree and happy is motivating. He makes it look easy, and it should be.