Answers to my illness

I broke down and went to the doctor yesterday after I found myself still feeling completely run down. I was just tired of feeling so freakin' BLAH. So here is apparently what is wrong with me: I'm allergic to Ohio. Blame it on LeBron or the Browns or something ... but every time I travel to the northeast part of the state I'm not healthy. The doctor said he could write me a note so I wouldn't have to go to my in-laws' house again, but I knew that wouldn't be a good idea.

In all seriousness though, I'm allergic to something there. Dust, mold, a different allergy season, the lack of good sports teams. (Sorry ... I thought it was funny.) SOMETHING gets me just about every time I'm there and it wipes me completely out for a few days afterward. While 8 hours in the car can be draining, there's no reason for me to feel like crap two days later.

In an odd way, I knew already that I was allergic to something there, but hadn't taken any action. I'm 31 and have had very few allergy problems in my life. It's just the sniffles or a cold, I thought. But after 20 trips up there, I've had enough of feeling bad after the trip. So it was nice to hear from the doctor that it's very likely allergies.

So I got two shots -- some allergy shot and a shot of B12 and some Singulair to help open my lungs. The doctor said I felt so worn down because my airwaves were restricted and my body was working overtime to breathe harder. It makes perfect sense. I knew I was sleeping enough, and probably more than usual, but I was still drained. I could have slept all week if I didn't go to the doctor.

So in a matter of hours I was feeling a ton better. And 30 hours later I'm even better. I can breathe again ... there's a sign of hope that my weekend race is not lost. And now that I have this figured out -- assuming that the doctor was right and this prescription doesn't bother me -- my next trip to Ohio shouldn't leave me feeling like I'm stuck in mud.