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Apology NOT accepted

Every four years, there's nothing better than watching the summer Olympics on TV. There's nothing better than feeling proud of our USA athletes. And the more I run, the more interested I am in who runs what, who holds world records, etc. But all too often now the athletes we come to love have done nothing but disappoint us months or years later when they admit to using "performance-enhancing" drugs.

This week, the running world has been disappointed by the news of Marion Jones admitting to using steroids. She says she's sorry ... but guess what? That apology does nothing for me. She's facing prison time for lying about an association she had with a check-fraud scheme. Jones faces up to six months behind bars, and I hope she gets the max. I'm sorry for being so cruel, but I am sick and tired of athletes ruining what the rest of us are doing. Entries for races across this country are up because of people like Jones -- she made being a track and field star look like fun, and many young athletes aspire to follow in her footsteps. Now it's all for nothing. I really hope people who support her do a Google search for "Marion Jones" and somehow come across my blog. If you're reading this, please try to tell me why she should be immediately forgiven.

Do I wish there was something legal to make recovery easier rather than rest, ice and Advil? Sure. But would I take something from someone who says "this will help, but don't tell anyone"? Hell no. I guess my mom (a regular reader of this blog) raised me better. Like my post yesterday on rude people, it's stories like this that will only make me a better person.