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As weird as winter

I've become accustomed to winters in Virginia being weird -- 60 one day, 40 the next, record highs and record lows within a week's time, etc. -- but I'm not used to weird summers. And these past few weeks have been, well, weird. It's been relatively cooler and less humid than normal, which is GREAT! It made for an awesome 5-mile run on Wednesday. But today I day I took off from work due to some out-of-town evening plans and the fact that I just wanted a day off, so I planned to do my long run for the week -- at least 7 miles, maybe more.

That just wasn't going to happen.

After some great cool weather earlier this week, it was miserable this morning. It's the kind of heat and humidity that just slaps you in the face and keeps you pinned down. So, I didn't get in that planned long run. I did get in a total of 2.7 miles and will just move my long run to the morning or Sunday evening. With 7 more miles, I'll continue my streak of increasing my miles week to week, so it's not like I really lost anything today. In fact, much of my run was pushing a baby stroller and then running a mile or so with my dog -- it was certainly a high quality 2.7 miles. I just didn't feel like doing more ...