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At least I'm consistent

After a vacation threw me off last week, this week is about making sure I stay on track with my training. Today for my speedwork, I opted to do intervals again. A tempo run will likely be coming soon. Last week on vacation I did intervals of a quarter (1:44), half (3:53) and two more quarters (2:00, 1:54), going a quarter mile more than week one. This week I bumped up the total by another quarter mile, this time doing two half miles and two quarter miles. My times were 3:52, 3:56, 1:51 and 1:51 -- the important thing is I'm consistent and I'm staying under 8-minute mile paces. I'm also feeling great during these workouts. Now that I have no vacation plans standing in the way, I'm really looking forward to seeing my times improve over the next couple of months.

And on a side note, how about them Celtics? I've been waiting my teenage years and all of my adult life for this to happen and the fact that it was against the Lakers makes it even more special!

Workouts since last post
June 16: Walk - 1 (p.m.)
June 17: Walk - 1.7; Bike - 3.6; Weights; Plank - 2:00 total (1:00 max)
June 18: Walk - 0.3; Run - 4 (intervals explained above)