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August reflections

I feel like I’ve been in a constant state of being too hard on myself or questioning everything for most of this year. I did some of that this month, but in my state of constant honesty, I think I should stress the positive. The 31 days of this month have been really good. I just haven’t talked about it much.

Besides my fall and failed plan at a core streak, I’ve put together a month that saw 120 miles. Highlights from the past month include:

Several speed sessions Aug. 7: 2-mile tempo in 16:42 Aug. 15: 5k tempo in 8:16 pace Aug. 23: 4 x 800 repeats in 3:40, 3:48, 3:34 and 3:41. Aug. 29: 5k tempo in 8:14 pace

My pace for tempo runs is coming in a little faster than I'd like, but it's hard for me to dial it back. I need to do longer tempo runs and more speed work to really hone in on my goal pace, which is closer to 8:30 miles. The 800s, though, are right where they should be if you ask Bart Yasso.

Lynchburg Half Race number, #runchat

Half marathon at marathon goal pace It's tough to really say I "paced" the Lynchburg Half Marathon since it had a giant hill that slowed me down, but overall I'm still happy with how things went that day.

Signing up for the Runner's World Half Marathon There is so much more to that weekend that I'm looking forward to beyond me running the half and our #RunChat meetup. I need to save that for another post though as it deserves it own space.

I'm excited about what's ahead in September as I hit my peak marathon training mileage. My long runs have been so good in the past few weeks that I've had to hold myself back just a bit to not spike my mileage.

I'd love to lose some weight, but I'm at that point in training that I can't worry about that. As long as I continue working on my core and remain consistent with my training, I'll be in the best shape of my life come November 10.