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Running wise, last week was horrible. In what was already a planned recovery week in which I was not going to do a long run because of the big move, turned into a bad week. I ran twice, totaling 8 miles for the week. The biggest problem was not trying to move, but instead coming down with a cold or suffering from allergies or whatever. One day it was my throat, another day my chest felt tight and by the end of the week I had no running in me. On top of all that, I spent two days covering the Richmond NASCAR races (which was a blast), so there was a lot of walking around in jeans in 90-degree heat. On Sunday came the big move. During the move I was actually really glad I hadn't run much, because it was basically a solid six-hour workout. Yesterday I felt like I usually do after a long run. Now comes the fun of unpacking, which probably will still feel like a workout.

So, I've got the my worst running week out of the way and there's now just less than two months to go before the marathon. This week is sort of an ease back into running. I did three miles this morning and felt pretty good. I wanted to make sure my sickness was out of me before pushing past three. Tomorrow I'm planning on 6 or 7 so I can sort of pick up where I left off. Before the end of this week, I'm going to plan out the rest of my long runs between now and November.