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Back on track, but feeling behind

This week was all about just getting back out there after having a week full of being sick, working a lot and moving. All in all, things went pretty well, but having a week like I did last week just set things back just a bit. However, I think that this week set me up for having a great week next week.

I finished the week off today with a 13 mile run. When I first wrote down goals for my long runs about a month ago, today was set up to be 16 miles. I was hoping to have my first 20-mile run in two weeks. I think what I'll do is go 16 next week, 18 on Sept. 28 or 29, then 20 on Oct. 7 (see below for details of that day). I finished just shy of 26 miles for the week. I'll get back to 30-plus next week. I feel like I could have done more this week, but after having the figure 8 last week, I didn't want to overdo it.

There's a 30K on Oct. 7 that's "organized for those that want a long training run for the Richmond Marathon," according to the Richmond Road Runners Club Web site. I think it'll give me a good chance a little more than a month before the marathon to have a long run with other people and to push myself just a bit. It's so hard on these long runs to push myself harder.

As I get more settled in and less busy at home, I'm looking forward to what these last seven weeks are going to bring me. I'll have at least three more "longest runs ever" before the 26.2.