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Because I can, that's why

For the past two years I’ve moaned and groaned about training in the winter time for a race, yet once it’s over it’s been very rewarding. This year I have the benefit of being a member of a gym to avoid the cold weather, yet I said repeatedly I was not going to do the Shamrock Half Marathon again. Was it because I had a bad taste in my mouth for not training properly last year? Did I really dislike the cold weather that much? Was it possible that I didn’t want free Yuengling again? (Um, no.) In 2007, I was thrilled at finishing the Shamrock Half at just under 1:45; last year I had unrealistic goals. This year, I just want to have fun again. So yes, I have signed up for the race that for many months I swore I wouldn’t do again. There’s something different though about my thoughts. Last year I signed up too early – I was unprepared after having injuries and being sick following my marathon. This year my life is in a different state with a relatively new job and a new baby – it’s like I want to prove people wrong who say they’re too busy to train for a race. I’m busier than ever, but I may be more determined than ever too.

The great thing about this event is the fact that two weeks after that I want to do the Charlottesville 10 Miler. Unlike previous races I’ve trained for, the Shamrock isn’t the end game. There’s no reason to stop after that race and gain back the 5 to 10 pounds that I plan and hope to lose while training. Sandwiched between Shamrock and the 10 miler is the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k that I’d like to do as well. I don’t feel like I’m cramming in races and I’m not worried about an early year burnout – I just want to do these things because I can.