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Best non-running day ever

It takes a lot for me to throw around the "best ever" phrase, but today was easily the best non-running day that was still all about running that I've ever had. At the Runner's World Festival, my wife ran her first 5k and immediately wanted to beat her time. Then my son ran a quarter-mile race and was so thrilled with himself.

Both took part in my post-race medal-biting tradition.

Runner's World Half festival, medal-biting

To top all that off, Scott and I had our first-ever #RunChat meetup. It turned out to be more of a Q&A session about how we got started and what the future holds for us. With about 30 people showing up, it was a great opportunity to finally meet a lot of people I've only known virtually until now.

We also debuted the first #RunChat video, seen below.

There's so much more about this weekend that I can't wait to discuss both here and on the #RunChat blog in the coming days, such as our shake-out run that had Bart Yasso and Shalane Flanagan on hand. There's no time for that right now, though -- I still have 13.1 miles to run in the morning.