Best training decision ever

You know when you eat something that is so good, you say "This is the best [insert food here] I've ever had." (My wife loves it when I say that.) Well, in the past five weeks I have realized that I've made the best training decision ever for the Shamrock Half Marathon -- doing my long run in the middle of the week. With likely bad weather coming again this weekend on the heels of last week's winter wrath, the best time to run these days has been the middle of the week. The decision in January to do long runs on Wednesday is turning out to make me look like a genius. In addition to doing it on Wednesday and getting it out of the way, I have the bonus of being more flexible with my training. If it's awful weather on Wednesday or something else comes up, I still have four days left in the week to get my long run in. Best ... training decision ... ever.

So anyway, while this has been a good decision, tonight's 10-mile run with my friend Travis was kind of bad. We're not sure why, but it became obvious when we had a couple of miles to go and neither of us had anything to say for a half mile or so. It was cold; there was a slight breeze; we had to take alternate routes with snow and ice on sidewalks; and I think we were both hungry. That all being said, it felt kind of good to get a bad run out of the way. It's been a while, so I was due for one.