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Beyond the words

There's no question that July has been one of my biggest up and down months ever based on how I feel. I won't rehash those feelings though in a monthly review. I survived running 102 miles through some tough moments and didn't take time to appreciate the good moments enough. That's July.

As I kick off another round of marathon training, it's time to tackle some of the things I discussed in my important "Why I ..." post. I can't just put words down without action.

When the beginning of a new month, I feel like my head is in a good place. Now I have to make the body cooperate.

I'm going to smack August around a little bit and make the new month a core streak month. I've done this before with mixed results. This time around though I'm going to take some body measurements beyond the scale number and focus on my core. This means more sit-ups, push-ups, and weight workouts than I've done in a long time.

Core doesn't mean just abs -- it's really attention to the whole body. And this isn't a "plan" or a "schedule." Each day will be based on feel or whatever I find on the Internet that looks fun.

I'm not happy with myself for slipping up so much in the past couple of months, but there's no more time to place blame or write out more excuses.

I'm creating a special page this time around to keep up with what I'm doing. My goal is to develop something that I can do regularly beyond this month and just keep doing forever.

For now, though, it's a bunch of words. Time to act.

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