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Blue Ridge Marathon winner is ...

I first want to say that I am a stickler for giveaway rules, so for my Blue Ridge Marathon giveaway I put the number 6 into the widget -- it could have been 10 had a couple of the entries followed my requirements correctly. It's not a big deal though -- I'm glad to see interest in this growing marathon that's practically in my backyard. If you didn't win, there are several other blogs out there right now with similar contests for this race. Go find them and enter now!

Blue Ridge Marathon winner picked No. 5 -- congrats to "settomusic" who won!

I want to give a special thanks to Pete Eshleman with Roanoke Outside for the opportunity to do a giveaway for this race for the second straight year, and for bringing such a great event to the Roanoke Valley.

The Blue Ridge Marathon is truly a special event -- an "instant classic" as I called it -- and I can't wait to rejoin the fun in April after sitting it out this year.